Sleepwalking by Hannah Khalil

Hampstead Theatre Downstairs, 26 March – 2 May 2020


“Just ask me. To help. It’s what I’m here for. I want to.”


Life as a mother is full of challenges: there’s the house to be paid for, a high-pressure full-time job, and a daughter who has started having nightmares.  So it’s a relief when grandma steps in to help: dealing with the school run, preparing the daughter’s dinner, reading the bedtime story… everything suddenly becomes easier.  But what starts as desperately needed support gradually begins to feel pernicious. Best not to look too closely. Questioning things might lead to the end of this essential arrangement. And then the telephone starts to ring in the middle of the night…

Hannah Khalil’s Hampstead debut is a dark thriller that explores motherhood and the secrets that no mother could ever share with her child.


Eileen Nicholas, Jeany Spark

Director: Audrey Sheffield
Assistant Director: Kayla Feldman
Design: Anna Reid
Lighting Design: Ali Hunter
Sound Design: Julian Starr
Movement Director: Ana Meireles

Rehearsal Photographer: Chiara Wakely