New World


Performance / Voice Director


(SIDE Global, London, December 2022 – ongoing)


Release Date: Sept 2021
Developed by: Amazon Games
Published by: Amazon Games
Genre: Massively Multi-player Online Role-playing game / Shooter / Fighting / Adventure


From tattered rags to powerful hero, you’ll grow in might, skill, and influence your adventure in Aeternum.

When and how you progress is up to you: each gathered plant, tanned hide, slain foe, or completed quest will make you better at the particular skill or weapon you’re using and will also contribute to your overall character level.

At the core of the New World‘s social features are the three factions, organizations of like-minded players that vie for control of towns and territories. Choose to join the Covenant, Marauders, or Syndicate to wage war and claim, defend, and develop your faction’s territory.

Arm yourself with brutal melee weapons, ranged artillery, or supernatural powers and jump into the classless, real-time action combat system in New World.

Launch Trailer